FFE Communication Update - May 2021

Over the past few weeks we have been undertaking a review of our communication methods both from us to you and you to us.

What has been clear is that whilst we have some good provision in place, we needed to update the way we work in order to meet the ever growing needs and demands of our members. Therefore please see below some changes/additions to how we will be doing things with immediate effect.

Starting with the newest addition…….

FFE Mobile Telephone

We are pleased to confirm that we have now added a dedicated mobile telephone to what we offer. The phone will be manned by Grace, head of football administration, meaning that someone will always be with the phone.

You can call, text or even WhatsApp us, and she will reply as soon as physically possible, even if its just an acknowledgement, before seeking an answer to your query from another staff member.

I would like to take a moment to politely confirm that whilst the phone is available to contact, Grace isn’t employed by us 24/7 and therefore if you try to communicate and don't get an immediate response, please be patient, she will get back to you.

The number to get us on is: 07908 562790

Please add this number to your own phones, as this will also act a backup emergency line should we ever need to contact you in an emergency.


FFE Emails

The more emails myself and the staff send out, the greater the chance of them landing in your junk folder. Therefore, moving forwards, we politely request that where possible you save the following email addresses in your ‘favourites’ or ’trusted persons’ section of your email provider. Over the coming months, more of the staff will begin to communicate with you and less will come directly from myself, therefore its important where possible you look out for these.

Daegan Watts - daegan@futurefootballelite.com

Grace Goffin - admin@futurefootballelite.com

Jack Hutchinson - jack@futurefootballelite.com

Matt Moss - matt@futurefootballelite.com


FFE Social Media

As I am sure you aware, FFE has a large and active social media presence and receives many msg’s across our platforms on a daily basis. We do endeavour to reply to all messages on twitter, instagram and Facebook but as I’m sure you can agree, sometimes filing you way through what is a genuine enquiry and what is ‘junk’ is extremely time consuming.

Whilst I’m not saying don't contact us this way, we want to make you aware that its probably not going to get you the quickest response.

For clarity, our social media accounts are:

Instagram: futurefootballelite

Twitter: @FFE_Norfolk

Facebook: Future Football Elite


Thank you for reading this update and we look forward to seeing you all at FFE activities very soon

Academy Director

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