Get to know your coaches

In this current series FFE will chat to your coaches and give you an insight into some of their footballing favourites past and present. This week we're chatting with Academy Manager Dan Goffin. Here goes;

Name: Dan Goffin

My Team is: Liverpool, as a child growing up my football influencers were my dad, uncle and older cousins. They supported Liverpool and just by default really i've followed suit, thankfully over the years they've given us plenty to cheer about.

My favourite player ever is: Robbie Fowler, as a young football fan i used to love seeing the amount of goals he scored for Liverpool. Now that i'm older i'm always telling young players to watch videos of his goals and how easy he made them look by having outstanding technique.

My favourite current player is: Christian Eriksen of Tottenham. I know some people will pull a face at this one, but i've been a big fan of his since his early days at Ajax and was delighted when he came to the premier league. He is a player who can do so many things with the football, his range of passing and finishing skills are something all young footballers should aspire to and he'll go on to become one of the best players around i'm sure.

My first football shirt was: Liverpool Away 95-96, I'm not quite sure if this was my first football shirt, but this was 100% the first shirt i can remember crazing my parents for.

Best game you've ever seen: AC Milan Vs Liverpool, 2005 Champions League Final, the miracle of Istanbul. There is a common theme here i know, but the 2005 Champions League final had it all, early goals, late drama, one of the best saves you will ever see and the lottery of penalties. It will be a game i watch and talk about over and over with my children.

Thanks Dan!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of get to know your coaches over the coming weeks.

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